Lily network founder Mu Yan the best and most sensational advertising effect not the most profitable

dark horse games like a raging fire, all the chips, Crowdsourcing, Zhongxiang, in addition we exchange games, walking in front of the business bigwigs, also bring some dry cargo sharing for everyone, the following is the Yao Jinbo mission press officer, Lily network co-founder Mu rock dry cargo sharing, very dry.


metamorphosis long registration process won the user

today I want to talk about the main contents include two aspects: one is Lily network nearly 9 years of entrepreneurial process of product and business model exploration, the two is the brand building experience and lessons.

in 2005 before the formal Lily network, I and my partner Tian Fanjiang in 2000 made the first venture, do a renovation site. Because it was too early, the time has not come, then the building materials City, the brand on the Internet are not aware of, so the first venture failed.

at the end of 2003, early 2004, we do SNS website, that time is the first wave of SNS, we are the first to do SNS mode, Facebook is in 2004, but because of too early, VC is not recognized, also failed. But I think the essence of this failure, because the product is not done, there is no real need to fit the user.

by the end of 2004, VC suggested that our team can do the dating site, when the United States has such a successful business model. In fact, we were in order to better financing, to solve the development problem, to do the research and found that there is indeed a blind dating site can do, so they began dating site.

never thought of doing just such a simple platform, we want to do a serious dating site at the beginning, to solve the user’s just need to really help users find objects. So the introduction of a psychological test, user registration, must pass through the psychological test of the link, in addition to fill out the registration information, we also get the matching user realize his value orientation, loving personality, communication mode and so on. At that time, most people are not optimistic about our approach, because the registration time is too long, 20 minutes. But we still insist on doing so, because we think this model is valuable to the user.

in 2005 after the introduction of Lily network, such a metamorphosis long registration process, but let everyone very fresh, because the test results give you a complete test report of more than 3000 words. When we play, but is relatively short of psychological tests on the popular portal, this test is formed together with the topic of communication, we introduce the MSN share function, can be test results, quickly tell you MSN friends, will spread more quickly. In 2005 of May to August, by the viral spread, did not spend a penny advertising, Lily network registered users increased nearly 800 thousand, which at the time, an other website is very fast.

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