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] Chinese entrepreneurs network as a "stealth master", Chinese Yintai investment company chairman Shen Guojun not only has a deep understanding of how to invest, even in the "Chinese manufacturing" and "business" on the topic, he also has outstanding opinions.

in the 2012 China corporate leaders meeting, Shen Guojun not only elected in 2012 China "the 25 most influential business leaders", he also attended the annual meeting of the forum theme of "new industrial revolution: China manufacturing ‘new track’", and "Chinese manufacturing" expressed their views, he 30 years before China manufacturing is really brilliant, but this glorious golden age gone for ever, the future may not come again. China’s manufacturing industry is really very hard to do, because the original is relatively low cost, labor costs and so on, and now all kinds of cost increases, the advantages of China’s manufacturing costs have been lost.

and the development of manufacturing industry, the China, he decided to firmly hold Chinese billion people market in the future, the market is very important to hold the China. Moreover, to cater to the development of the mobile Internet to do some custom products, which will make the future market prospects are very good, especially the production of personalized.

held in the evening of December 9, 2012 "25 business leaders" most influential awards, awards by Wang Jianzhou, former chairman of China Mobile Communications Group for him, and referred to in the award words so highly of him: he is good at others fear crisis, find opportunities in crisis. More than and 10 years ago, the Asian financial turmoil, unexpected as the starting point of his career. He is the world’s first Zhejiang businessmen, but also low-key, simple man of Ningbo. He created the famous department store chain brand China the fastest expansion, facing the electricity supplier’s counter attack, two years ago he founded the fashion shopping site, the grand goal of life and Weixue pass for 1 billion 300 million Chinese.

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for "Chinese entrepreneurs" for the 2012 23 cover article written articles.

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met Shen Guojun, his friend, the same as Zhejiang representative Ma Yun has just published the famous "lion sheep theory", the effect of electronic commerce is now a lion, and the traditional retail industry but is not to be slaughtered sheep, sheep, Ma Yun did not say so. When Ma Yun spoke, the traditional retail industry leader, intime Group Chairman Shen Guojun on the spot, we are very curious to know Shen Guojun’s reaction, but Shen Guojun avoided direct comment on Ma Yun, just changed the subject, began to talk about traditional retailers in the face of e-commerce strategy. "The traditional retail industry will not disappear, just need to change."

low-key, this is we see Shen Guojun before, heard the outside world to his most consistent evaluation. As part of a low profile

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