Stationmaster net broadcast the new consumer law online shopping is still difficult to implement the

1 online shopping return is difficult to implement the new consumer law said the shop is still no reason not to return  

to implement the new consumer law more than in January, although many shop green label marked "seven days no reason to return, but in the product details but that" is not acceptable because the size is not suitable for themselves and other reasons to return ". Jilin provincial Trade and Industry Bureau official said, this phenomenon is illegal, such as consumers in such overlord sellers rights blocked, you can complain to the business sector.

2 beautiful or ugly AdSense was arrested off the account intercept publisher income

AdSense is launched by the Google (publisher) for Internet advertising services, support more than 1/4 of revenue from Google, changing the mode of Internet production charges. But recently, it has received anonymous allegations of fraud.

on Pastebin, claiming to be a former AdSense employee claimed by Google AdSense annexed the publishers of income, the concrete practice is when a publisher has a high income, Google will close its AdSense account at the end of Eve, and then the publisher should pay money in Google in order to increase the income of the company.

3 who set the universe: money, gone with the video content, or  


When Gao Xiaosong and his son

Oprah Winfrey column "Xiao said" is preferable to "switch" to Iqiyi, he immediately resolve said his studio will be in the next ten years "may be rooted in Iqiyi". Heard such a deep feeling of excellent advertising in addition to the "ha ha", can only sigh: money is good!

of course, Gao Xiaosong is not alone in the fight, accompanied him around is Ma Dong and Liu Chun. Three people carrying nearly thirty files homemade content items under the "push force Iqiyi studio strategy", in my opinion, similar to the online video industry OEM mode content production has been unstoppable. The video platform of Iqiyi is moving in the pace of video oligarchs stride without hesitation, leaving a "poor" in anger, I do not know what to do.

4.170 the number sold the business of virtual operators gradually fall

news May 4th, after Dixon and other part of the virtual operators to start the 170 world phone number reservation, starting today officially on sale 170 number. This means that the virtual operator’s business will gradually landing.

it is understood that the world’s virtual operators brand phone communication in Hangzhou today officially on sale 170 number, will soon open sales in the province. Thus, the world became the first officially on sale 170 number, and enter the virtual operator business commercial stage of private enterprises.


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