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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 3rd news last week, an explosive news that the industry does not seem to be startled at a warning, announced the 58 city, the Tencent will invest $736 million to get 19.9% City 58 fully diluted shares. This is a sudden hand exclaimed a


from the beginning of the negotiations to finalize, 58 city and Tencent reached over $700 million to cooperate only took about 10 days." 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo revealed in an interview with the media. For Tencent and 58 of the marriage, the industry generally has two kinds of Views: a view of the city of Tencent saw the local business resources of the city of 58, and the need to pay for the tool to form a closed loop O2O. Contrary to the view that the 58 in the camp to the Tencent, will inevitably be its main partner Baidu PC cold, which also led to a slight decline in the share price of the day of 58.

Yao Jinbo said to consider the introduction of Tencent, investment strategy, 58 money value is not investment funds, mainly to see the 58 Tencent to bring the lack of resources: one is the Tencent has a large user base, Tencent has great PC and mobile traffic entrance, which is of great value to 58 58, the product can flow with Tencent and resources seamlessly; besides, more important is the lack of social relationships between the 58 city users, Tencent and Tencent cooperation can introduce social relations.

for Tencent, in its entire strategic layout has long service life of the local important position, which is remarkable in its invested heavily to accept public comments; the other Tencent has been advocating the concept of O2O and continuous line layout can illustrate this point. The 58 city services as currently classified information largest service providers, in addition to have a natural advantage localization services, has accumulated a large number of small business resources, which can be as little or Tencent in the local life service chain considerably.

what’s interesting is that in 58 announced the Tencent shares news ganji.com Yang Chung also released internal e-mail said: do not stand, because we do not want to lose their independence because of blind choice.

the future, 58 city have reached commercial cooperation more hope and WeChat, "for example, in search of local, small and medium businesses for the Tencent can import products and services; in terms of payment, 58 will be considered in the original platform on the introduction of WeChat payment transaction platform, to create a closed loop." Yao Jinbo said, "our business and public comment and other Tencent to invest in companies without any overlap, the business model is not comparable, we will learn from their experience in business cooperation to do better."

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