Love and marriage website Twilight a single line of business model to break through

[introduction] decline trend in the future will be short-term or difficult to reverse, danger like become the Internet recruitment website as dusk industry.

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong, August 9th, reported

several dating sites of traditional domestic, have to face is gradually disappearing in the industry mainstream the fact in the development of many years, still deep in the overall scale of less than 1 billion 500 million of the niche market, the rise of the recession, PC mobile internet terminal business to Jiayuan, Lily network, cherished network marriage etc. industry leader collective experience growth crisis.

after the expansion of the industrial chain, to get involved in the wedding market and many other efforts have failed to take effect, the dating website is the strategic focus of mobile and offline market, but now, the form is still not optimistic, short-term downward trend in the future or will be difficult to reverse, danger like recruitment website as become the Internet industry at dusk the.

market environment changes in the growth crisis

Internet traffic monitoring agency Alexa data show that Jiayuan nearly three months of traffic rank in around 1000, compared to last year about 500 decline; ranking Title real name friends Lily network recently at around 2600, compared to the beginning of the year fell more than and 700; and with professional matchmaker service mode treasure a net today’s global ranking in 4400, compared to the beginning of the year fell by more than 900 traffic rank.

in fact, with the increasing trend of China’s aging population, the total number of people in the age of marriage is declining. The number of active users Jiayuan will be showing a decline trend, the first quarter of 2013, Jiayuan average monthly number of active users is 5 million 190 thousand, and the data for the same period in 2012 5 million 430 thousand.

in acquiring new users, in addition to the internal competition of the industry, dating sites are also facing competition from QQ,, happy net, micro-blog and other social platforms and user impact, false information is difficult to control the matching degree is not high and lead to emerge in an endless stream of marriage fraud, it is difficult to establish a universal sense of trust has become the site Chinese and marriage the inherent ills – you know, foreign fees dating website Match and eHarmony, is higher among users based on the matching degree, authenticity and safety and good management of user information.

on the other hand, the business model of love and marriage website these years there is no big innovation and breakthrough.

Lily network CEO Tian Fanjiang (micro-blog) said to the Tencent of science and technology, the target user group, user access to high cost and short life cycle is always face the challenge of dating sites, if you want to get more revenue, develop more services to the membership fee only.

the current domestic marriage website mainly rely on online members and value-added services, line activities and high-end hunting marriage three profit model. Online member

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