Baidu on why Baidu in the teeth of the storm is Post Bar commercial

as a 90, Baidu Post Bar accompany us through the youth years, filled with laughter and sorrow, we gradually buried lost youth and memories. As a senior small worms, early in Post Bar (for so many years is not only physical trick message of hate), until now occasionally go to stroll, so for small initial Post Bar has been still maintain a certain impression.

and in January 12, 2016, Baidu Post Bar event is shuabing.

cause is called a "ant food" users report. The users report Baidu is forced to replace "hemophilia" Post Bar bar. The Baidu Inc will "Post Bar hemophilia" to the hospital incident wave caused by 1000 billow, national public criticism, the main reason is the medical advertising auction in the search engine ranking promotion, leading to frequent false medical advertising.

the outbreak of this matter, so that Baidu post bar has become the focus of hot spray.

hemophilia incident, the media broke up to buy it a lot of hospitals from Putian. For a long time, Putian is keen to spread the money advertising, advertising exaggerated, and the presence of the line, the excessive medical charges of fraud, criticized the industry and patients.

just a few days ago and a thing, let Post Bar once again stood in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm.

network writer angry banana report post bar, that stick it violated their intellectual property rights. Because of his novel "son-in-law" search in Baidu, Baidu recommends a "son-in-law DT (Pirates quote)" Post Bar. This is a writer without authorization, unauthorized release, "" steal novels related sections of the Post Bar had to pay.

According to

reports, Nandu reporter statistics in April 5th this year, Baidu’s popularity list found in the top 50 in the network, updating the status of the novel a total of 31, and the charges were all Post Bar free update content. Among them, at least 21 for the dawn, sail, flash update group update, the fastest starting time from the first release site only 1 minutes.

although Baidu post bar also issued a statement, committed to the protection of genuine, safeguard the interests of the original author. For users of the media feedback similar violations, will continue to intensify efforts to investigate and clean up.

but this phenomenon too rampant, want to completely eliminate is not a short duration of time.

paste the profit model

has been, Baidu post bar is the commercialization of netizens attention, tucao. So what is the profit model posted it?

1 huge traffic.

when users are accustomed to using Baidu search keywords, you will find that now Baidu Post Bar ranking will be very forward. On the one hand, there are some key words is Post Bar indeed meet the requirements of the search, but more may still Baidu itself on Post Bar Products >

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