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interviewed a krypton mafengwo, founder Chen Gang has repeatedly stressed that the website content; 2014 I horse and dialogue with the importance of the ant nest, Chen Gang again tells the story content, 4 years accumulated 50 million users with a tourism community. This is before the dialogue, 2014, mafengwo cannon had frequently go, exposing the online travel and other insider brush praise, expose the weaknesses within the industry showed quite a righteous, two also hinted at its UGC (user generated content) site natural advantages, ants precipitation years of user resources, the status of poor quality today is enough to bring accusations, against the OTA field, but a hand hand content between a reputation, and personalized UGC really ride the wind and waves in the teeth of the storm can take a

on the Internet?

the entire ecological chain can be said that the most perfect user led content type tourism community, operation can also be an easy job to do more perfect, more successful? It is not so easy, mafengwo will face not only the contents of UGC and advantage, the key profit into the pain.

UGC tourism network advantages: good ecological chain content

online travel industry from the contents of the guide can be roughly divided into two types: UGC, user generated content, this kind of website community based, users can freely share content, and interact with friends, finally realize the total construction site, ant nest, poor travel network, the windmill belongs to this kind of other equivalent; a class is different from other OTA users, leading website content by leading builders, Ctrip, where to go, with Cheng Yilong and other belong to this category.

no way of operating the internal data structure or site of Ma beehive, have greatly enhanced the convenience of the user experience, travel enthusiasts mutual sharing, mutual aid, formed the main content of the site, the same as the UGC class travel enriched the content, and the profit only mafengwo the last part of the Commission, also the construction of autonomous community website content users are more sense of belonging.

The content of the class UGC

tourism network is dominated by the user, the editor of moderate guidance, it can be said, from the user’s point of view, this is the most comfortable a website site model.

has been brewing for a long time, settling for 50 million users ant cellular content is really good, everything is ready for


UGC travel network disadvantage: the most difficult to reconcile between profit and content

renren.com’s windmill net, dead UGC travel, on-line since March 2012 to May the team disbanded, leaving the windmill net hasty in less than two months, a fuzzy positioning, two is not able to find the profit model, or rather, a few months, although the high-profile on-line windmill net, but the basic is not a waiver of land cultivation has been sprouting.

is different from the direct profit of the OTA site, UGC class tourism network in the emphasis on the content of the king, but also by its tired, net >

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