About yesterday’s red photo we asked the WeChat team ten questions

[Abstract] red photo is designed for the Spring Festival is an activity, but not for the sake of income, because it is too small, but to promote the user to send photos of a self comforting reasons.

reported in January 27th Han Yimin science and technology Tencent

yesterday afternoon at five, WeChat circle of friends quietly on the red envelope photo function test, red envelopes to see the photos, or can only see the "frosted glass". The circle of friends for the spring festival activities, in a short period of time quickly lead to the user’s enthusiasm, circle of friends instantly frosted glass effect photos scraper.

detonated in the circle of friends at the same time, the red photo to the outside world brought some doubts: what is the red photo of the rules of the game? Red photo feature in the future will be a fixed function? Why red line in the picture yesterday launched a small time


for this reason, the first time Tencent technology interviewed WeChat team, the ten most concerned about the outside world for the first time to answer.

1 red photo specifically designed for the Spring Festival

Tencent Technology: what is the original intention of the red photo product design in this year’s red envelopes war, the role of the red photo?

WeChat team: red photo is designed specifically for the spring festival activities, we hope that the new year’s Eve this special time point, to provide users with some innovative gameplay.

in addition to watching TV, shake the red envelope, there should be a new way to interact with friends and share the joy of the way, and the photo is a good carrier of the memory of the good memories. A lot of people have treasured photos not usually made circle of friends, they need some incentives to put pressure bottom memories in this new year’s Eve moment for a friend to show. The red envelope is a way to increase the fun and motivation of this interaction.

red envelopes is not for income, because it is too small, but to promote the user to send photos of a self comforting reasons. We are also very curious about what kind of social behavior, and the psychological experience of the user to pay for the symbolic display of photos and interact with friends.

2 the amount of red in a picture with egg


Tencent Technology: the use of red envelopes of the rules, such as the amount of red envelopes, send what is the number of


team: each user can send a photo, see friends just a hair seems to be blurred picture glass covered, so it is necessary to send a 1 yuan of petty cash envelopes to friends, can see photos and comments like face.

through interactive play this innovation, the circle of friends "Slide Show" was given a more vivid and creative play and emotional interaction.

lucky friends may also draw eggs, no need to send red envelopes to access photos. At the same time, according to the test, we will adjust the rules on New Year’s Eve, to provide users with a more optimized experience.

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