Domain and price difference of half

renamed China ( December 22nd hearing, in the domestic domain name trading platform yesterday on the price of 61000 yuan to node shoot, with the price of 30000 yuan. Pat.


: part of the domestic domain screenshot


domain of and, with 7 digital domain, but the price has almost doubled, which is related to Chinese sensitivity to digital meaning, the number "3" homophonic "life", "money", and the number of "4" homophonic "dead", the corresponding domain name prices are relatively low. On the platform, as well as junction shoot price of 32001 yuan, knot shoot price of $11600.

figure: GoDaddy platform part of the domain name screenshot

on the GoDaddy platform, peach to 21810 U.S. dollars to shoot, once life to $2425 shoot, visit’s auction price of $1525.

in the foreign domain name trading market, as well as the domain name, the price of 20000 u.s..

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