Several key elements of the new station

      1, don’t take yourself as the expert, always put yourself in a position to ensure the novice, or learning, not innovation;

      2, do a webmaster hard, do a good webmaster more hard, good webmaster often work more than 10 hours a day;

      3, do stand to have their own characteristics, and now more than the site, must have new ideas, or flow certainly not go up;

      4, want to do a long stand or want to do stand don’t rely on some small smart, those who have neither learning nor skill by some smart, do, soon can’t do webmaster;

      5, 1000IP is to know the following personal homepage, 10000ip is the lovers do play, 30 thousand IP are small owners, more than 100 thousand IP is medium webmaster, more than 200 thousand IP is a good mix of webmaster, more than 500 thousand IP called great master, this time you can Diao up can not, who, to attend various meetings. 1 million IP above, can be called idol. See flow, see IP talk, so don’t see Adsense will worship.

      6, the writing is limited, do not want to come out.

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