SpaceX because of the weather the Falcon 9 rocket launch was delayed for a week

January 9th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Mask (Elon Musk) under the command of SpaceX company plans to restart the rocket launch was delayed for a week, the reason is the bad weather is expected in central California near the launch site will continue to storm.

according to the latest plan, carrying Iridium Communications Inc (iridium communications inc.. 10) satellite Falcon 9 rocket (Falcon 9) on Saturday morning (January 14th) from Vandenberg Air Force Base (Vandenberg Air Force Base) launch; alternate launch date is the next day.


will restart stalled for nearly five months of Falcon 9 launch. Last September, the "Falcon 9" explosion occurred in the ground for routine inspection, blow up a booster, damage to the launch pad, also destroyed a $200 million commercial communications satellite.

SpaceX launches next weekend, the rocket is believed to carry the heaviest payload of mass. Headquartered in southern California, SpaceX is one of a handful of Holding Company, which intends to take advantage of this opportunity to restore confidence in the reliability of its business and U.S. government customers on its rockets.

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