Network music rectification large websites to see small sites closed

August 2nd, the reporter login found: small shrimp music search claimed in cool dog copyrighted works, Momoco Tao sang "ohh", Huang Lei singing "orange red", Sherry’s "I can hold you" show "the album off the shelf, temporarily unable to listen, and Sherry" early "," listening "still can listen and download.


in July 8th, the State Copyright Bureau issued "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without notice" authorized music, the music website APP in July 31st, before the music works without authorization spread all offline, for in July 31st continue to spread without the network music service authorized music that will be severely punished according to law, specific measures include "no record site coordinate the communication authorities shut down a number of media piracy of music works, timely notification of online music copyright infringement case investigating" etc..

2014 China music industry development report revealed that in 2013 China’s music users reached 450 million, the digital music market reached $44 billion 70 million. With the development of the mobile Internet, network music copyright litigation often occurs:

QQ sued NetEase in November last year, music cloud music network music copyright infringement of its first 623; during the trial, the NetEase in December cloud music to the Wuhan intermediate people’s court for preliminary injunction request, ordered to stop the spread of QQ music, 201 music works.

in December last year, cool dog NetEase formally charged cloud music, said the spread of 200 music alleged infringement, and put forward several million dollars in damages; in January this year, the NetEase cloud music cool dog play and counterclaim alleged infringement of rights and interests of the 300 download songs.

in June this year, Ali music cool dog sued infringement of its exclusive rights to a total of 260 songs first; then, the cool dog music copyright infringement counterclaim Ali exclusive music 456.

most of the sites are not publicly accused of infringing works directory, but according to public reports, the cool dog called 456 songs, including Sherry, Momoco Tao, Julie So, on behalf of Huang Lei and many other well-known singers such as "for having heard it many times as early", "can I hold you", "ohh", "..", "orange red" and other well-known works.

if the copyright of these works are cool dog, according to the National Copyright Administration on July 8th notice, after July 31st, Ali music should not be able to download, listen to these works. In July 30th, BYD reporters in Ali’s small shrimp music, still can search and download to the works; in August 2nd, reporters once again log search found: small shrimp music Momoco Tao singing "," ohh Huang Lei singing "orange red", Sherry’s "can I hold you" have shown "the album is off the shelf, temporarily unable to audition", Sherry’s "early", "listening" is still can

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