Groupon Chinese online online group buying activities will be available in the near future



friends online line

news February 28th, Groupon joint venture with Tencent ( on-line today. The website information display, group purchase activities will soon have the opportunity to experience the interview, now friends get a discount of 70 percent off.

in the first input mailbox, information display "you have successfully subscribed to Gaopeng electronic newspaper! We will soon be on the line, you will receive including your city daily offers the latest information in the first time."

from the page style, similar to the United States Groupon. Buy activities will involve food, hair, SPA, entertainment and other aspects.

at the same time, according to Gaopeng sales reports, group purchase activities Gaopeng is scheduled in early March officially launched, but has not disclosed the specific date on the line. It is understood that Gaopeng will continue Groupon into the way in 50% of the world’s merchant discount requirements must be below 50 percent off.

According to the

, the first single or Gaopeng will follow the Groupon traditional mode, first high-end restaurants, beauty, SPA and other local service businesses; or in cooperation with international brands, copy the Groupon overseas success stories, such as "$11million GAP DAY".

earlier, in February 15th, had access to friends. But that afternoon is inaccessible.

for Groupon into China, the domestic group purchase website IT Longmen handle network, full network, 24 coupons held in TechWeb has said, will focus on strengthening the self construction, not afraid of Groupon in china.

industry sources said that the current domestic buy site competition between the increasingly fierce, Groupon into China, or will bring new changes in the domestic market to buy.

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