The actual site of Shanghai Longfeng case analysis

is also a headache thing to repeat the question. The site has just got, I found a large number of repeat title pages, the number of the thousands of animals. This is a very serious problem. Since a lot of the content of the page may not be well adjusted, but repeated title or better solution. For example, the title can display the list page >

To solve the problems included

details in the first article "my how to create a successful real estate website" has been mentioned. By using the techniques above, in the 3 months to the real estate network included more than 10 thousand pages, full of basic.

When I just get a

3, click on the page to shorten between pages, the new station must be strictly controlled at less than 5 times

To solve the problem of repeated

I was in 2010 September Shanghai personal contact with Shanghai dragon dragon, over the same period created a forum, just a month to achieve profitability, and later because the software failed to achieve closed. In October the network company to do business, because of their houses, a person to undertake Shanghai dragon construction company a new real estate website, 3 months to achieve the desired effect. And the realization of the 5 digit earnings. Not to mention how much credit, I just want to share the actual operation process of its own to give beginners some inspiration.

, website localization decides success or failureThe


website, the website is not as arbitrary, within more than 5000 pages only included more than 1000 pages, not full. But the station can not solve included, is doomed to fail. Resolve to do included the following points:

2, provides as much as in the entrance page

, making clear structure


4, build strong internal links

site is greater than all the skills. I just took over when the real estate network, the website has been on the line for about 1 months, but the location do have a problem. For example, title, written in very simple, Kunshan second-hand housing information, Kunshan house network. Title whether the keyword is decided whether to participate in the important factors ranking. Since it is a comprehensive real estate website, how can write such a Overgeneralization title? Even developed, will lead to a very one-sided website. Very simple, for the real estate network, home is the key place + real estate network, inside each classification level home page to do the second-hand housing market, housing, and other words. It is also easy to search engine index structure will appear more clearly. Because of the inside pages of new sites, it is difficult to obtain good weight in a short time, but I still put some words do home page. This is not conflict. Like search Shanghai second-hand housing, live off the home page and inside pages are ranked. Title despite the accumulation of key words, but the content is all natural, without any changes. In the right direction, everything will go well. If the wrong direction, lost.

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