What is the key to Shanghai but the price of sex.

" keyword participle "estimate" bid "website hits"

1.92 1.61

offers quality score ranking the actual click cost


ranking algorithm, and we estimate the bid procedure is "total website ranking number × 0.>


1.53 1.5

2, estimated bid: love Shanghai bidding is to pay in order to account for promotion, which can account for how much promotion first? Here is an estimation program.


1.71 1.7

1.62 1.41

This is the love of Shanghai 3.83

× = bid; quality score, the highest score is the highest ranking, the actual cost is not higher than click on the. The actual cost is: a ranking algorithm on quality website last, what is the actual cost is the number of bids, click. A class website is on the right side of the page does not participate in the bidding, "on the left side of the two or three level, the actual click cost algorithm is: take" left ranked last bid for the actual click cost base. Each rank home the actual click costs than the home ranked bid more than a penny. But because the actual cost is not higher than the click, so if it costs more than keyword bid, then according to the bid, which is the amount, the actual click cost is how much, if not more than a penny bid according to the home is.

1.42 1.4

1, the word love Shanghai to have the price promotion is the quality grade, a total of one to three grade, a grade for the right side of the page, the two or three grade accounted for "three grade" on the left, top left wenzhan. Key words segmentation directly affects the quality of website rank. Your keyword segmentation technology is good, quality is high, your keyword segmentation technology is low, the quality level is low, so the key word is very important. What how to do segmentation technology is good, high quality? I think: 1, to 2, as the word patience and practice

"love Shanghai bidding" I believe we should not unfamiliar on this word. Especially enterprises boss, as well as the staff engaged in the network industry.

algorithmFor example: Keywords:

bidding is the key to love Shanghai! I think there are the following three points:

1.76 3 fine points

about love in Shanghai was the price of Wuhan Shanghai dragon music ya, some personal opinions, here today to talk about, want to also do not know to help love Shanghai but the price of a friend.

is the first of a love Shanghai ranking:

2361 1.51

The "

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