Virtual son rain changes in the Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai Dragon

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For we do Shanghai dragon, a lot of people in what kind of Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon, in fact no matter we say "forget Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon" or some other argument, we all need to know that the search engine is constantly updated, and we the webmaster moment is passive, such as optimization and we love Shanghai, love Shanghai casually today happy down a "big aunt", a happy tomorrow down a "aunt dad", you should know, so this is me today to talk about one thing: what kind of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon is the best? Change in Shanghai is the best Shanghai Dragon dragon.



1, Shanghai dragon is changing

2, Shanghai dragon to understand that changes due to

we have done for Shanghai dragon, we must understand the change, because only in the constantly changing constantly refining their own technology, grasp the core technology of Shanghai dragon can we better. I always believe that no matter what the Shanghai dragon, it is changed because of changes, since there is a trace, then we can find out the problem.

for Shanghai dragon, we from the beginning to now, constantly changing, and we promote Shanghai Longfeng changing in addition to the search engine algorithm of vulnerability, the most important is the most powerful driving personnel is our black hat Shanghai dragon, some changes every year we will meet for the search engine. Some of the outdated algorithm or for some unreasonable algorithm to adjust, let search engine to give users the most reasonable, and most in need of information.

search engine to do user experience, but we do suffer Shanghai dragon, because we need to change with the changing of search engine. In fact, the change is a good thing, I always think so, we only find some new things in change, we didn’t see before. There is a very important point is that we pay more attention to those who did not change things in change, because these things are what we do in Shanghai Longfeng most in need of good things, such as the content of the high quality, the high quality of the chain. This point I will talk later.

some time ago the most thing love Shanghai off is the Shanghai dragon rain event, this is for the Shanghai dragon a very big impact, probably after the incident on a lot of stationmaster changed their lot before thinking, there are a lot of people even in the future as long as we advocate optimal buy hundreds of a link to pile up can do optimization, I think this is debatable. I think I love the rain off Shanghai forum artificial one is because of his thunder, better, is the so-called "wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy two," I think a leak filled or love Shanghai for their algorithm vulnerability, certainly for a large number of one-way links > this kind of website piled up after the love of Shanghai after the incident


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