ce bucket algorithm and then update the search user experience to defend love Shanghai

Please look at the original

(users to browse the web for example)

ice bucket algorithm 2: strike force users to login visible full content of the phenomenon of

ice bucket algorithm 3: against user browsing results are forced into a


from a series of adjustments above we can see that love Shanghai hope to high quality resources users need to show the priority, so users do not need to do any additional operation can get information and resources from the website.

users get the information resources in the mobile web site commonly encountered when being forced to download the APP can continue to browse and download, but the APP is not necessary or common, download traffic, some do not want to waste the inside to see the contents and be pestered beyond endurance. In addition, inadvertently to advertising, download the APP bundled with a virus, browsing content to see a large number of advertising content to cover this phenomenon to see also emerge in an endless stream. The chaos led directly to a large number of users from the website to leave.

: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/900

APP phenomenon in the search engine

ice bucket algorithm the effect of previous update:

ice bucket algorithm 1: let the corresponding must download the APP, you must be logged in to the normal use of the resource ranking dropped

as an important entrance of the mobile web traffic, Shanghai mobile search site for love and the poor quality of the site of the inferior page conducted a series of adjustments, known as the "ice bucket algorithm". The first release, in August 2014 November 2015 2 the advent of bucket algorithm. But not yet the end of 2016, the ice bucket algorithm have released 3, version 4, successive hit a series of users interfere with the normal web browsing behavior, which shows the search for love in Shanghai to defend the determination of the user experience.


health is the foundation of mobile search ecology, love Shanghai and site long-term and stable development of the mobile Internet in the future is the user experience first, quality content is king

mobile Internet website chaos:

ice bucket algorithm 4 (New): mobile advertising pages too much, affect the user experience of the behavior of the page to gradually reduce the

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