Analysis of visitors browsing behavior the optimization of the site’s visitors trust


the quality of the user experience has been a lot of webmaster heart tangled problem. Because of its relationship to visitors will become loyal visitors will be transformed on our site. The quality of the user experience, on the other hand, we can also see that visitors to our site is trust. Just imagine, in real life, you and I are not likely to trust a dress dirty, groaning people. Here I stand in an ordinary visitor’s point of view, and we talk about me as a visitor, in the process of browsing a website to the website to generate trust, trust visitors hope to better help you optimize your site.

Whether it is

first met the first impression is the key of

as our visitors to the site to produce a first impression, we will focus on the content of the title, this is the vast majority of visitors visit behavior, but often there are two evaluation indexes in the attention Website Title Content: one is whether the content is: I want to. The second is the judgment of novelty title (the ability to inspire visitors to click on desire). Similarly, the content of the standard is nothing less than these two points, we told visitors "we are sincerely for your service, so that visitors to this site" keenly aware of just what I want". The original high quality?? these are not the most important index is important visitors >

, for example, to open a site, when visitors open did not see the content? Suddenly a floating window advertising has been floating in the page, I ask, if you are a visitor, this site will you trust him? (in general, most of the visitors are the same and may start looking for the close button). For our visitors, they love more site landing page layout can be neatly, more clear access to the content they want.

is like a blind date, when we were on the other side of a good first impression, we will be more motivated to understand. For our site visitors, they will I further browse our content. Visitors will first pay more attention to the content of the following table bar, see if the contents are obsolete and the title pedantic content, so for this site, and not much expectation, but if the content fresh and the title of the novel, you will look forward to the content.

to savor the connotation of information is the only true

visitors to our site through what way is like to get the first impression, we leave visitors a good first impression will be related to the visitors can trust our site. Is the so-called "first impression for visitors to First impressions are strongest, our site tends to affect the browsing behavior, if your site is unable to provide a good first impression, even if your content or services under a certain amount of effort, the visitor is not easily believe in you, because the visitor’s consciousness and they have given you the site location.

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