Sentiment analysis of Web log spider crawling time analysis

is a spider crawling at data, spider records

baby, Yahoo, Baidu of the aristocracy Figure 2 It is recommended that you

the author himself is responsible for the optimization of the promotion of the site – gynecology online consultation network log file analysis data to introduce. Three sets of data to demonstrate.


Figure 1

baby, Yahoo spider and Baidu

crawling record more, I will not 11 data list. These data suggest that spider yould may come to our website, so it can be said that there is no fixed time spider crawling. It may climb to our site whenever and wherever possible. Here I have an idea, a large number of the chain can let the spider climb faster and more frequently to our website, and then it will improve our web site and the weight. Like people, like people, ripe, exchanges in order to have a further development, until the approval of a person, a person must.

data in Figure three at night, also have a spider baby, Yahoo, record

webmasters often for spiders crawl of time and included time not too sure. Many people may think spider crawling a day to a couple of times, or a morning or afternoon again, so many webmaster update your article will choose a fixed time to update, think this is a manifestation of search engine friendly. Actually this kind of idea, have a certain reason. But one day included update ultimately reflects updated data of the day, there are few seconds (of course, do not rule out the good articles and websites). According to the analysis, the spider yould may come to our site.

webmaster friends can update the site at any time, the quality of the article, content updates. Of course, every regular update is Never mind. But we can not be limited to fixed time.

Figure 3

is the spider crawling data at noon, there are records of the noble

The spider crawling

noble BaiduOf course, the

Figure two

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