Shanghai Longfeng questions how long is the period of the 301 permanent redirection effect

introduction: quality of the integration of Shanghai dragon, can let more webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel find their problems quickly and solve, or to learn more knowledge of Shanghai dragon. So, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong had made Shanghai dragon problem from the media, will continue to update the solution quality problems in each period. Love friends can add micro signal: 343031031 interaction.

sixth record:




chain this is also the many people may say a commonplace talk of an old scholar, outside the chain of no use, actually this is wrong, the chain is only part of the chain of garbage useless, and love Shanghai or the tendency of high quality natural chain. However, many people still do not know how to do this. So, what should we do outside the chain of high quality? My suggestion here is: write original, user needs to publish articles or relevance of the platform, to achieve better quality than quantity. At the same time, to put the chain of some note well, for example: to publish multiple web sites, don’t catch a site outside the chain, to do link diversity, steadily increasing chain etc..

you say, I do the food enterprise website, so I can go to the chain: first, I write about the food of the original article, released to the portal, B2B and other food related, in addition, you can put every update to the site of the original article released to the classification of food B2B, released after 12 hours to try to publish your website, can find some more high-quality B2B platform, leaving the band page link to link. Secondly, we can also put the food industry with the Shanghai dragon in the original article, and then submitted several A5 Adsense nets, the high weight of the platform, through the audit after the next day there will be a lot of natural chain.

asked: have the same list page URL>

asked: I do Shanghai dragon for two or three years, is also in the company to do site outside the chain of hair articles such as, say, not too bitter bitter bitter feeling is also OK, the work is very boring. And now in the construction of the chain may be a big problem, love Shanghai algorithm constantly change, I’ve been released outside the chain of information in the B2B and the classification of information online, many people say that my hair is the chain of garbage. I want to ask teacher, how do the chain now is the best, but I am very confused now, seeking guidance.


is more specific, open the writing of my article "the chain construction analysis of" learning it: 贵族宝贝ihuangzhong贵族宝贝/jyxd/276.html


statement: as the webmaster too simple questions or not neat, I have to do with words, but have the same intention

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