How to write business title allows users to quickly search for you

Shanghai dragon also has a time, encountered a lot of problems during each encounter, love Shanghai, will come out a lot of enthusiastic users to answer, I also come up with their own experience and share with you now, please a lot of inadequacies also please teach.

+ keywords such as: one-way elbow type E + zinc steel guardrail

. This tool has the love Shanghai keyword tool, Jinhua keyword tools etc.. There are a lot of keyword tools used, I was not in the list. Search keywords, as much as you can in the list, and analyze the degree of competition and the transformation rate of the selected keywords, keywords for the company’s products. Such as: Ying light metal fence factory of Hebei Province Anping keyword list.

seventh + words such as: Material: high quality low carbon steel wire + stadium fence

second: area + keywords such as: Hangzhou + fence factory

fifth: performance + keywords such as: corrosion resistance + stadium fence net

then set keywords, keyword set I was summed up in thirteen ways.

then the high quality business title should be how to write

The first type:

to share with you today is how to write high quality business title. Personally think that the quality of business title should be consistent with the two points: one is: in line with the user search habits. Because the search engine is mainly based on whether there are buyers business opportunities in the title input keywords and position determine which business is most buyers want to query. The two is in line with the search engine search request, love is simply by search engines. The two are complementary to each other.

third: manufacturers + keywords such as: Tianjin dingshengxin Chemical Co., Ltd. + hydrogen peroxide


sixth: the use of words such as: + Construction + large sand washing equipment

fourth: brand + keywords such as: Head and Shoulders Shampoo +

wrought iron fence zinc steel fence

prison fence stadium fence

eighth: supply / wholesale / suffix or prefix. Such as: the supply of the prison fence here I give you some summary, such as direct marketing, direct manufacturers, manufacturers of low-cost direct sales, manufacturers supply / wholesale supplier quality stadium fence.

stadium fence fence factory ?The first is to find the key words

keyword is the most important part of business opportunities in the title, choose good keywords can not only have Jieqian in customers for our site visits, but also can further improve sales conversion rate, to achieve a multiplier effect. Choose the right words, learn how to set the keywords, then the high quality business title nature is not a problem. Then we’ll take a look at how to set up the quality of the keyword

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