Four evaluation criteria of website optimization content of content quality

has a lot of content title is well written, but when readers within a few seconds may want to stop reading, but the user to read the whole article does not necessarily represent the content is of good quality, if users see it again or second days or the next time again, it proves that the content does have quality.

based on the author’s years of experience summed up the following four evaluation criteria, at least one of the following items, should be regarded as a quality content.

but we can.

(4) content may affect or change the lives of people

this is last said, because it is the most difficult. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er will say, I just work, I am not a writer, please don’t force me out of his masterpiece, make me useless, not written.


many Shanghai Longfeng people have a problem: "I’m just a Shanghai dragon operator, but let me play a part-time writer". In other words, because the search engine is more and more emphasis on high-quality content, so the website optimization must have high quality content more, so many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners had to write original racked my brain meter high quality content, but many of the primary standard of Shanghai Longfeng staff is not a writer or do not have the ability, so that is a problem. So in the end is how to assess the quality of content? How to write high quality content can be

(2) content is controversial or inconclusive controversial content

(1) is a new perspective, people sit up and take notice of

(3) content is clear theme or whether to let readers have read the desire

maybe everyone will wipe sleep some controversial content will be unable to restrain the emotions to see or reproduced, such as "Taiwan, the Diaoyu Islands issue, 360 comprehensive search whether plagiarism, once again ready to enter the Chinese noble baby?" and so on, but actually eliminate or quell these disputes also allows the reader to read or reproduced unable to restrain the emotions, such as "some people think that the chain for the emperor, some people think that content is king, some people think can not buy Links, some people think that is not so stable snapshot ranking" and so on, if you take the controversial content to a conclusion, so this conclusion controversial content is sure to make a lot of people to browse or share. Of course, there is the quality of the content.

then how to make search engines or sit up and take notice unexpectedly? Here unexpectedly can also be a little different view content and familiar views. For example, I recently saw a blog, there are about to teach boys how to dress and buy clothes, a lot of content about a very unique, only need to master the skills can make themselves out of the ordinary, but these skills are not seen heard, some are heard, but more detailed and have their own opinions the.

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