Analysis of the cause of the first domain website

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two, intermediate update interrupt, site is down right (because I love Shanghai love regularly, regardless of how to do step by step, you can be a Monday article, even if the middle delay something into two Monday also nothing, not the original every day, suddenly more than a week are not updated, such combat will be very large.

four, the space is not stable. (New spider caught, but you can’t open it, but don’t collapse results as can be imagined, too exaggerated, the impact is not great.

The reason is nothing more than


three, Links, the other being punished. (the other is right down, you also drop right chain.

Shanghai has been let you webmaster love and joy and sorrow, may think the website main keywords ranking on the website and let the PV rise, may also do not know why there is no sign of ranking of the main keywords Not the least trace was found. disappear one night. The chain of friends often use the domain command to check their website, we will find that some station domain is not in the home first, once this is generally our website snapshot fixed or keyword ranking disappeared. We have the following analysis, why domain is not in the first few reasons and treatment method.

, a collection of too much, the website weight is low. (this is easy to understand)

many webmaster is often a person a heap site, so that energy is not enough, to write an article where time and time is not necessarily written, as for those enterprises station, we could not go to the site updated daily articles, because to do optimization for us just to help others build websites, we do not understand the enterprise and the industry, so the enterprise all stations are usually to capture the main point, diligent webmaster will put the collected articles carefully packaged in a pseudo original, although this can basically meet the requirements of fresh blood to love Shanghai, but is still plagiarism. The attraction is not high, slightly updated once a few days late, is love at sea, it is very difficult to climb up.

Ningbo Shanghai dragon ".

I have a web site, the construction of two months after the end of each day, a collection of packaging articles, the snapshot to the next day, for some reason, nearly ten days not update, now snapshot late half a month up to domain, is no longer the first. Analysis of the reasons, domain results on the website domain name above is "www.xxx贵族宝贝 value" www.xxx贵族宝贝 website… "Not included" www.xxx贵族宝贝 Links… "…". These are the high weight of the query site, my website inside all registered queries, now a page weight of them than my website to be high, so my site domain is no longer the first.

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