The soft chain let me make me sad love

, a reprint number can’t control

Because the number of

see your micro-blog marketing site outside the chain of one-time increase so much, should have is a very happy thing, but I was not happy but had a lot of concerns, after all, a new station suddenly increased so much outside the chain is not a good thing. I this site so far less than a month, more than 20 days before the chain has been maintained at between 27 to 31, I am also a little chain, because it is new, as I think basically like most grassroots webmaster content and in the chain do, therefore, the construction of the chain I it is not so anxious to do, but recently the site has not updated snapshot still in the 4.1, so I think through the chain to get a snapshot of the update. Although other methods have to do, but the increase in the chain effect is not obvious, so I chose the way to increase the soft chain is the most effective, do a test to see a soft and soft article two to much of the chain of effective > to yourself

when we write a soft Wen contribute to the A5 or CHINAZ, you can not predict this article can be reproduced many times, how many sites that your article has value, and then go to their own website and also on your copyright information, and the number of people, although reprint your content but, your link to be removed, replaced his own website link? These are the grassroots webmaster can not solve the problem.

reproduced can not control, therefore, the number of the chain is more out of control. A few days ago I did an experiment, cast a soft article to A5, I found that the day will increase to two the chain, perhaps his soft writing is not good enough, no friends and achieve resonance, therefore, while the article was reproduced but few people take me the site is connected with the chain, but rather directly to my replacement for their own. Yesterday morning I once put two article, respectively is A5 and CHINAZ, a morning without what happened, but I work in the afternoon when he looked at adding a few outside the chain, but this morning I see a micro-blog marketing chain station suddenly increased by 23, only 39 one night, the time will increase so much, so I feel very unbelievable, but more worrying.

two, the number of the chain can not control

owners pay more and more attention to the benefits of the soft, soft, can not only help us to increase the number of the chain but also can introduce the content of their products with the article, but it can not be natural mentioned, what kind of article is added to the content of your website, must be soft and the content itself related to. Soft Wen is our webmaster are trying to write original articles and then submitted to A5, CHINAZ and other sites, low leave your site links to the rapid increase of the chain, but the chain increased by the soft, let me love let me worry.

three, the surge in the chain let me love makes me worry


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