Wu Zuoqiang talk about how to do a comprehensive system of website of Shanghai Dragon

is currently the mainstream of Shanghai dragon means is divided into two kinds, the station outside the station of Shanghai Shanghai dragon and the dragon, I have my personal experience to Wu Zuoqiang were about how to do a site of the Shanghai dragon, achieve promotion purposes to your own website. Wu Zuoqiang (here I only talk about formal Shanghai dragon means, not related to the black hat Shanghai dragon.

H1 should not be used in LOGO;

first, do a website of the Shanghai dragon to start from the basic program, this is the fundamental of Shanghai dragon, the search engine spider climb over to climb your program, but not like us a website and a stereo image, so do the Shanghai dragon first step. From the optimization of program code, simple to start.

Do website optimization of

Title is the title of a web site, which is the key factor to Shanghai dragon, because the site keywords general shop here, according to the general routine, the website title character number no more than 80 characters, five key words in general, about 30 characters would be finished, so the keywords selected site is the key to you according to the theme of the site, love Shanghai index, several other factors to select the long tail word, how to choose keywords, how to write the Title of the website, I will write in my blog, Wu Zuoqiang said the relevant article, you can continue to pay attention to my blog.

, a Shanghai Phoenix Station


code, we must first do code simplification, eliminate redundant code, short code can realize some function do not use complex code, try to avoid calling external JS, CSS structure and structural logic should be closely, so that it is conducive to the spider crawling.

[one] code and label


below, this is a how to do the whole system solution diagram of Shanghai dragon, I will according to the diagram to talk about how to do a comprehensive website of Shanghai Dragon:

what is H1 H2? There may be a lot of people do not know, here I explain: six different text size from H1 to H6 definition header label is H1..H6 in HTML TAGES, which is used to reflect the structure of the web page content, mainly to the user’s point of view, therefore, in also add the H1 keyword tag can improve the keywords ranking and weight, in the use of H1 tags when we should pay attention to the following questions:

full name Search Engine Optimization English Shanghai Longfeng, generally translated as search engine optimization, the network is the common mode of promotion, is a method used to improve website ranking and a technique to improve the exposure of a web site in the search engine, so as to improve the site visits or website sales.


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