The actual analysis of jade enterprises station optimization

does not define the size of picture website, especially the picture stand, when users access the site will add a picture size request, increase the burden on the server, the website open speed will slow down! In addition to do in the station optimization should also increase the picture ALT attribute in addition to defining the image size, mark the picture information. The station did not forget to.

navigation: 2, make a big mistake in the navigation, navigation first "home" but not "company" according to the general enterprise station and user habits, the user enters the site within the page is difficult to return to the home page. As the main navigation habits of many users will click on the first item for home to return home to find their own want.

home products




in this case we need to adjust the picture size of the user can enter the site to see our products, and sure this is what they want.


home products pictures through the source code view is defined for the following picture size:



4, round ginto (slide): red box part is to display the number of round ginto, here there are 6, the number of enterprises station is set to 3 generally exceed the standard, as well.

Three, the death of


want to love is not simply the highest ranked Shanghai home several factors can improve the site ranking. The equipment should have excellent strength enough behind can more greatly enhance our website ranking, there are a lot of discussions in the station optimization posts in many webmaster forums, Q technology for wooden station optimization for the reference of everyone to do a real enterprise website

into the site we see is the product picture and the top of the slogan, I circled in red box part of the station is also the problems.

, head of

, the top 1 brand and logo: 2 of them accounted for the relative position of the home position is slightly too large, after entering the home page plus the following round ginto (slide) can hardly see a product.


3, two navigation: "CEO address, business philosophy, CI story" on the industry where there may be useful or not, if you delete as soon as possible is still relatively good, or just to the user, can increase the nofolow label.


Webmaster Tools query, the existing station is dead. If you do not know the station chain may cause the site to drop right. Users dislike website, when a spider climb to here is not > posterior

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