Robin and love Shanghai web search department communication report card

in exchange site, this post with "love Shanghai" search Department of communication, what ideas do you have to say? "," Shanghai love search participants have read one by one.

2: in the future, Shanghai will focus more on the love experience excellent website

1: the respect and protection of the original

next, love Shanghai will be released a few heavy tools, that is the chain query (already in the emergency opening) and website rating query. Before May, love Shanghai some worry, release of these tools will be abused. But the stationmaster user group, is the need for more guidance, rather than blindly blocking.

this exchange as follows:

3: love Shanghai’s determination to open

has been suspected of cheating on the site, in fact, publicity and publicity, has no significance.

big portals or vertical sites, has a more stable server, with more content integration, can search to provide users a better experience.

in addition, third party tools like Shanghai flood, also let love Shanghai aware of the seriousness of the problem and the rigid demand of users.

not only has the original content, but also the entire website architecture design is more convenient for users to access, not too much much advertising, no false and deceptive content, this website will get more traffic to tilt, love Shanghai in the future there will be some aspects of the update algorithm.

if only to the point in time as a record of the original content, and that in the end is for server time, or the release time, or crawler over time crawling, or other time stamp? Love Shanghai has tried to determine the original content with time, but the search engine to obtain the dimension of time too much, yet can not do.


yesterday afternoon, in the love of the Shanghai Mansions, Robin had a deep exchange and love Shanghai web search department.

in addition, some large sites, no awareness of copyright, hardly original content source with URL markup.

through this exchange, the relevant personnel love Shanghai web search has to attach importance to the owners want to pay to get in return, will respect the original content to do some more positive efforts.

however, due to the update algorithm and being injured site, according to the situation.

communication is about 2.5 hours, key personnel love Shanghai web search are involved in the exchange.

in the future, love Shanghai major algorithm update, will try to advance publicity.

4: the major algorithm update advance publicity

love Shanghai web search has been committed to this effort, but will also have some tangled obstacles.

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