Shanghai dragon will save stationmaster grey mind

straw pinch in the hands, and nothing! It may also be said that we in every webmaster, why do you say that? Popular now Shanghai dragon, saved many very confused and failed again and again the webmaster friends, maybe some big website you often visit, they had also a not worth mentioning the small webmaster, every global forum source, from the initial 99 years of the construction site to contact the computer until now, can be said to have been a waste of time, energy and money, including female friends are not willing to follow a day and night upside and no coordination of people living together, more than ten years the computer website experience like this? I can tell you for sure, may contact the author also earlier than now, but now they still do a "headless flies", In fact, they have not, nor are they not propaganda, because they don’t understand. I like Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon really understand only in recent months, continuous learning, continuous learning! Shanghai dragon is very difficult, I can describe it as a an empty castle, though but the empty inside the "money" value is very considerable, but you want to get these "money" would have to pay a lot of cost

company itself.

after a lapse of 3 years, the author launched a crush on websites and adorable though not long, but I still do, very accustomed to look right, the so-called There is no end for learning. >

then I talk in 2007, I set up a free movie website, then tell the truth no movie website is now so rampant online, download a program set in every movie with the manual update, when I use the Marx CMS, was a horse himself a person to do. In fact, there are many people at that time the Shanghai dragon alone know, may have never heard of, I was just silly to update every day Youku movies, never thought what keywords to optimize these, just love Shanghai billboard see, youku贵族宝贝 keyword search volume is very high, so the TITLE with Youku free movies, this a point I really, never to have what the chain, even if the hair is casual. But just for a month every day in Shanghai to bring the flow of love Also in 20 thousand between -2.5 million, in fact, for we grassroots are considerable numbers of it, ha ha, now happy too early May, after almost 1 months or so, love Shanghai direct flow down to 400-500 a day is what reason? I think nothing is willing to study Shanghai Longfeng people should understand, here the author not much to generalize. But also because it was such a great blow I give up this website, focus on the work of..


review, because the author began some experience of failure and are growing things, and fancy tutorial as practical experience to instill the benefits of multi..

Why is the

review (without fail, you will never succeed)

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