Zhong Zhixin love Shanghai to the railway station, setting new rules of the game (guess)

since last month, whether in the forum or in the group, there are a lot of friends in asked: "my station built more than a month, the love of Shanghai is not included, every day, every day outside the chain, is not included, how to do?" this is similar to the problem. I am also experienced.

so that there will not be love Shanghai adjusted what algorithm like, on the new assessment system to develop the new rules of the game is the assessment period, home page is not put out, only the evaluation period was given out, of course, this is just a guess I personally. May also have some new sites or in accordance with the same as before, the first page out, the other after assessment period put out.

If the

to have included the site with a site query, love Shanghai will have a striking hint, I believe we are very familiar with "the number is estimated, the site administrator if you want to know the index more accurate, please use the Webmaster Platform love love Shanghai or Shanghai statistics."

I also use blog domain name a new two level domain name, so far there are almost a month, but today (2012.5.24), the site fell in love with the sea. The query is no data, as shown in figure

If you really love

according to Shanghai official said, Shanghai love statistics is accurate, so that Shanghai has on my new collection. Or understand this station still assessment period? Or love Shanghai is collected into the database, but did not put out, or what other reasons? It can make nothing of it. Please pay attention to if you want to know what Zhong Zhixin’s blog or forum webmaster heart bbs.zhzhxin贵族宝贝.

does love Shanghai statistical check out included site and the value of the data is different, but the difference is not small, I love Shanghai statistics query me the new two level domain name, display data is included, as shown below.


is in accordance with the love of Shanghai before the examination of new sites, the first is the home page of the site put out, after a period of assessment, and then put the inside page out, the general site is about a month after the assessment period.


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