Why is on keywords

, ensure the keywords set their own people search;

three, looking for effective flow;

four, search diversity;

two, reduce the difficulty of optimization;

can through some keyword query tool, combined with the user experience, to better customize some more in line with the user search habits of keywords.

search diversity this is very easy to understand, is to say as a Shanghai dragon er you have to do is not only to think about the problem from your own perspective, because the more attention Shanghai dragon is the user experience, so you should be more from a user perspective, if you are a user, you want to find their own information through search engines, how will you find.

most probably it did not actually happen without some kind of industry, industry analysis, competitor analysis is to customize keywords. So often there will be two results: first, the website keywords how to do it; second, has a very good keywords ranking, but without any traffic. So we got a website first to conduct research on the key words.

five, searching for new method.

, for example, I have a station now britespex the station is IDC, but if you put the keywords positioning virtual host is very easy to have the first case mentioned above, because the word competition is relatively high, if not the strength of the company it is estimated to be very difficult to sit so, we may wish to consider the Shanxi virtual host, this word has regional restrictions, so it would be relatively simple.

is often very high some people say that my ranking is very good, there is no traffic. May I ask, you have carefully studied your keywords? If you do is the words "lawyer", how can you be sure that the customer is looking for a lawyer or a lawyer to check the qualification exam? Or to see the lawyer some specific matters? But if you do the "Beijing lawyer" for it obvious. If you do "is largely Beijing criminal lawyer" then come to your site to your customers, and greatly improve the conversion rate.

Some people went to

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