The optimization and promotion of in-depth analysis of novel website (two)


, the corresponding Title Optimization


can also be appropriate to add some long tail keywords, make use of different keyword search users can find. In view of many novel sites, or suggested by this way optimization, although popular keywords do not, but this will be part of the fixed flow, relatively good effect;

general, the description of the novel will be longer, if these all add in "description", obviously will cause a lot of waste, can be solved by other means. In "Twilight novel network" as an example, to automatically add each of the "description": "reading novels, twilight novels provide energy-saving and creative chapter list, I eat tomatoes. Devour the stars the official starter, energy-saving section, the latest update as in the twilight novels." Relatively speaking this will in search of the snapshot will display the most clear novel properties, easy to give the user a good judgment, to attract users to click browse.


three, the corresponding description of the optimization of


two, the corresponding keyword optimization

had written an article about novel website analysis: "optimization and promotion" in-depth analysis of novel website, shallow for some common optimization and promotion techniques, optimization tips page information then I will analyze the novel website, specific to each article page, its main function is to search engine extension service. In general, we open a novel web site, the page is the main dissemination of information: the name of the novel (corresponding page title), a brief description, author, novels and other content types. In order to better search engine, to the purpose of the title, keywords, description, type in detail Optimization:

similarly, keyword optimization of the page where the novel is very important, so we can some large novel sites can be seen as the starting point, Chinese novel article page (also to "swallow the sky" as an example) the corresponding keyword is generally: the latest chapter, devour the stars, all of this, first, I eat tomatoes among them, science fiction, "the latest chapter", "whole" and "first" is a general search novel common keywords, while the nobility and love baby Shanghai claims keyword for search engine rankings without any effect, but personally think that this keyword can make search engine better match search keywords, can the appropriate increase of

here refers to the theme information page title, general title like this: "to devour the stars" as an example, the information page corresponding to the default title should be: devour the stars – I eat tomatoes (writer) – the name of the site, is relatively simple. If you want to be better for keyword search, it should automatically add "the latest chapter list behind the title, the text reading" (as shown below):

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