The latest statistics mobile search users to search what content in the mobile phone

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1: search engine is the most visited website

marketers need to pay attention to matters: make sure your site through mobile

?How consumers respond to mobile advertising,

this is a popular topic, even if you meet with the supervisor in the elevator, can also discuss this topic. Next, I will quickly summarize the content, and marketers need to pay attention to matters.

in daily life?

this study focused on the following five key areas:

I don’t know what the reader will not do so, but I always look for the latest statistical data, to help customers to explain where should put their marketing costs. And I’m particularly interested in is small batch, convincing, and soon the people can share data.

search engine website is the most visited website of mobile users, about 77% mobile phone users will access the intelligent such sites, social networks, web retailers and video sharing sites followed.


this study called "mobile development" is to cooperate with the market research firm OTX MediaCT, in April 2011 in the United states.

has become one of the hot topics in the field of digital, so I am very happy to see the new brand of Google launched a "mobile phone and smart mobile phone use".

1 intelligent mobile phone, what are the uses of

Because the mobile

given the nature of this column, I will focus on fourth areas: consumers usually search what types of information in the mobile phone.

3, the consumer is how to realize multi tasking through intelligent mobile phone’s own

mobile platformThe

2, in product and service strategy, intelligent mobile phone plays what role

4, consumers usually search what types of information in the mobile phone


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