Chen Jun in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the 4 points

is the main home page optimization, keywords layout.

3, column page (list page) optimization, here is the main control hierarchy. The level should not be too deep, otherwise the spider does not go to.

Shanghai Longfeng station technology, is everyone in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization of key, if the interior of the website are not ready, what about the ranking? Station optimization has the following main points:

Chen Jun in Shanghai Longfeng optimization 4 points

Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station, focus, which is also the Shanghai dragon in the optimization because the website, there is such a word, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, do a good job in the website inside >

achieved through the web site in the search engine ranking Shanghai Dragon technology, and let users find their own website, and finally realize their interests, is the most common way of all owners. Is the most effective way, many webmaster, using Shanghai Dragon technology, he (she) keywords in the industry have done a search engine page, even before three, he (she) industry rivals far behind. However, there are also some webmaster, the use of Shanghai Dragon technology, but do not put him (her) keywords in the industry so that the search engine page, why is this? What causes it? There are many reasons do not go up, but the main has four points: Shanghai dragon the technical principle, Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai station LongFeng Railway Station, Shanghai Longfeng marketing principle, as long as the four well, you want to not home to the site. Now I explain this article four:

Shanghai dragon

, Shanghai Dragon technology principle

two, Shanghai Phoenix Station Technology

The head of

4, page optimization, but here in detail, I have written an article on the front, is about the optimization of the inside pages, you can look at the.

technology principle, it is simple to say, I have not thoroughly studied: 1, 2, crawl the web page, 3, provides the retrieval service, this is mainly three points. Is the search engine spider through the links to your site, grab, to meet the requirements of the web page, and then into the database, processing, useful to show in front of the user. Some people may ask, this is the principle of search engine, and not Shanghai Longfeng principle. In fact, the principle of search engine, we will know how to study it, Shanghai dragon principle is through the search engine principle of the. We consider not is by means of optimization, let the search engine spiders to crawl the page we do.

three, Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station

1, website optimization, the head is divided into: title (title), description (description), keywords (key words).


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