[description] official site attributes (LOGO) principles of auditing

auditor in the audit from the following aspects of judgment, if you submit a LOGO hit following regulations cannot be displayed online, you need to modify and re submit:


* LOGO 121*75, is important to the site – Kingsoft typeeasy official website

3, LOGO and the content of the website is independent or improper

before describing the principles of auditing, we want to emphasize to upload the picture size, should be respectively 121*75, 75*75, please be sure to comply with the rules of the site, in the actual audit work, we found that many sites do not submit to size, which will directly affect the progress of the application site.

The size of text extraction

* as shown above, the design of LOGO site can be the main pattern in the middle position, on the blank, but the size of the picture must be controlled in 121*75 (LOGO 75*75

Since the site

2 LOGO to induce users to click on the suspects, including language induction, a large area of deep background

4, non site LOGO or LOGO images containing a wide range of areas, can not represent the single site

1, LOGO advertising

* the main contents of this web site for website monitoring tools, and thesaurus is completely independent of


5, LOGO is not beautiful, such as rough design, lack of clarity, a frame and a background net excess

Shanghai Webmaster Platform self attribute background settings open website LOGO upload function, the platform staff every day full of spring LOGO strict audit. Through the examination of the site not only shows the related pictures in Shanghai love the search results page, on the right side of the site also increased the chances in the relevant search. But we found that not very much through the examination of the site, largely because it is not familiar with the rules and be rejected by. So, the college visited for the project staff to understand products, principles of auditing staff, special for everyone to share.

* website name should be "gold investment bank"

is more than the staff to follow the principle of the audit, but if LOGO belongs to the registered trademark, as long as the produce relevant evidence, even if there is a conflict with our principle is also possible through the audit.

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