The amount of false commercial channels posing as real users developers give wayHow do you get inves

I do data mining technology origin, and engaged in promotional work for three years, App pay promotion fraud phenomenon has been common,

2 user revisit interval

2 retained user

million yuan promotion expenses, receive tens of thousands of activation volume, only 7 real users, of course, does not exclude the 7 "real" is the test cheating channels, products, operations, business friends beware:

Abstract: every successful start-up company, such as shlf1314, will also make some speeches because investors don’t have get to their point and be killed. Is it because the founder is not good at speech, or is it because investors are too slow? Maybe both.

1 churn rate

entrepreneurs are bitter, turtle, met unscrupulous channels, spend money to do promotion, spend time doing change, but the product is still no improvement.


· registration rate

entrepreneurs are bitter, turtle, suffer from creativity, suffer from development, suffer from user experience.

Demo Day the week before, we had a rehearsal this day is called Rehearsal Day. At other Y Combinator events, we allow foreign guests to be present, but there are no foreign guests at Rehearsal Day. No one else will see our rehearsals except for the rest of the founders.

· startup times

· user visits interval

for startups, too much money seems to be as bad as too much time, so we won’t give them a lot of money.

at the recent Rehearsal Day, our 4 YC partners >

startups repeat this when they are introduced to investors: poorly interpreted people communicate with poorly understood people. In fact, every successful start-up company, including shlf1314, will also be making certain speeches because investors don’t have get to their point and get killed. Is it because the founder is not good at speech, or is it because investors are too slow? Maybe both.

· user churn rate


, a few days later, is Demo Day, the start-up company we invested in this summer, to do Presentation’s day to investors. Y Combinator invests two times a year for start-ups, respectively, in January and June. 10 weeks later, we invited all of the investors we know to listen to the start-up companies and introduce the results they have achieved so far.

10 weeks is not long. The average start-up company may not have much to show in the next 10 weeks, but only fail to meet them. When you look at those who do great things, you will find that many of the prototypes of the beginning of work are done in a week or two week of uninterrupted work. Startups are counter examples of "Haste makes waste".

my company to do long-term App change the amount of pay and promotion, has recently launched a smart algorithm to identify the false content, found a "A channel" the channel can be real name to Zhao Tongxie privately asked serious cheating brush fake amount. Let’s take a look at the last week’s data from the channel A Note: due to product confidentiality data, specific values are hidden, showing only general trends. All of the following are the same:

finally learned, seen false, not seen such nonsense.

· hardcore user ratio


1 registration rate


· retention rate


that sounds simple, but it’s not easy for people who don’t have any experience in speech, not to mention explaining technical problems to a viewer who doesn’t know much about it.


Rehearsal Day’s speeches are usually sketchy. But that’s not expected. We’re picking creative founders, not slick speakers. Some of the founding fathers have just graduated, some are still reading, and have never even talked to a group of strangers.

3 startup times average per person per day

, look at a developer of the same kind of turtle, Zhao learned the story of children’s shoes.

so we focus on the underlying stuff. At Demo Day, each startup has only 10 minutes, so we encourage them to focus on only two goals: a explain what you’re doing; b explain why users want such products.

entrepreneurs are very bitter turtle, even if the product is ready, not promoted, it is difficult to obtain users.

all data without obvious exception, from the data point of view, is still a "high-quality" channel". Not content? -… More depth data last week,:

The number of


3 hardcore user ratio

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