nternet users mainly visit entertainment websitesThe best model of website profit, old customer is

today we described "old customers first", the customer is supreme plus an old, mainly is importance of old customers! Let your mind free from the boring way to promote the optimization of SEO, is now a site in the optimization of the use of SEO, and then talk about the chain, what sh419 Wikipedia, sh419 answers almost everyone is doing, because many people break the head inside, many of the early efforts, because of too frequent and post >

on the Internet on the website as the basis for the network marketing, in fact, and marketing online and there is not much difference, the basic similarity, the purpose is to find more users buying behavior, thus making money. So, in the lively Internet, we can not be fooled by this lively, find the real me bringing value to customers is enough, the development of new customers and old customers more difficult than maintenance. So, but a web site visitors into customers, we must firmly grasp, don’t let them lose easily.

has sold after the website, SEO will continue to optimize the website promotion, can not relax, but also can not ignore the webmaster of a problem, that is the content of the website, the chain now and the sale of the product or service, has won the recognition of consumers in the Internet, so the work focus should be gradually shifted to the customer on. There are many ways to maintain old customers, this also has a lot of these articles, you can go to a web search.

business friends website if the neighbor network wealink, contact home and enjoying the net monthly coverage ratio is only 3.6%, and the Internet users age, occupation, hobbies and so on aspects of the relevant factors.

gives users a good experience has become the website promotion activities in the center, we can be divided into three stages of the customer, is a purely customer relationship, after the completion of the transaction, to him also, and even "laosibuxiangwanglai; the second is that the customer is a friend, when buy your product, but also can be like a friend to communicate, such as some products use the note, some common topics; third is the family customer relationship, customers not only buy your product, you can also like to ask for some personal problems, some even trivial things of life are personal to you for advice some way, if you can do that, I think, as long as the customer needs, must be your first choice of products.

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        according to iResearch Internet user behavior of continuous system iUserTracker the latest data show that in February 2007 China Internet users access to social networking websites on leisure class, followed by dating and business friends. Leisure dating sites such as 51, , love apartments, intimate friends, and so on, the monthly total number of visits accounted for an absolute advantage, the proportion of 72%. On the one hand, it stems from the internal requirements of people seeking friendship, and on the other hand, the leisure dating websites have increased the intensity of publicity.The proportion of monthly visits

website optimization objective is to give users a good experience. No matter in what way, let the user satisfaction, or let them get what they need, the website money is actually very difficult! The process of search engine optimization, website promotion is the first step of network marketing, if not, the follow-up work, so to attract customers may soon be lost, many webmaster obsessed with the conversion rate, hope that through to a large number of visits to the site volume, it is desirable, however, many people in SEO, have lamented: SEO optimization process is the individual life! Hundreds of millions of Internet users, by way of casting to attract them to the site, always meet some people request.

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