No GG do WangzhuanAmerican venture industry tends to integrate the choice of entrepreneurs shrinks

cleaning technology and biotechnology start-ups was also influenced by this trend, the company is usually the smaller regional Vc firm financing, and with Silicon Valley technology companies more attractive, this kind of company financing also encountered difficulties.

Beijing time July 10th noon news, as investors begin to focus on a few high technology start-ups, quick return, risk investment industry’s strength is conformity, leading entrepreneurs choose to reduce financing.

and through the closure of this account, I also realized the limitations of previous advertising, summed up the following experience:

, according to the American Venture Capital Association, Vc firm raised $5 billion 900 million in the second quarter of this year, of which 5 funds accounted for 80% of total financing. Mark, chairman of the association · Heesen Heesen Mark, said: "for entrepreneurs, this means that short-term investment transactions may decrease."."

station at the beginning of: jk170 for two years, GG has been the only income income I do stand, the relatively high price, and the payment is also timely, but not long ago was an unwarranted charges to be sealed the station, because there was no other league experience so the first step is to find a lot of domestic league test, including the relatively large, such as Sogou, Ali’s mother, also have webmaster recommended online world search, double, et, after nearly half a month of testing, constantly adjust the advertising provider and advertising position, current income can reach GG when the income of about 90%.

Vc firm with strong

in the second quarter of this year, the United States Vc firm to achieve $5 billion 900 million in financing, compared to $2 billion 600 million over the same period last year doubled. But the number of financing funds fell by 18%, down from 45 to 38, the lowest since the third quarter of 2009, when the recession caused companies to reduce new investment projects.

one, some of the previously less attention to use the location up, put the appropriate advertising, you can play an unexpected effect.

in addition, according to the latest survey by the American Angel Resources Association and the Silicon Valley bank, the average US investment per angel in the first quarter of this year was $700 thousand, unchanged from 2011.

two, the key is to continue to try and adjust, the same advertising, in different locations, but also different advertising matching and adjustment, so that advertising to achieve the best revenue.

second quarter financing is the highest New Enterprise Associates, the total reached $2 billion 100 million, followed by Institutional Venture Partners, the total reached $1 billion. The latter focuses on start-up companies that are in the late stages of development and are about to be listed.

of course, the price is still the highest, GG, has recently made a new station, two people in the world:, the sh419 GG has been included, there are links to contact me, and we look forward to progress together. :81957935

light speed venture financing $675 million quarter, KPCB financing $525 million. Ranked fifth is Peter · Peter Thiel support Mithril Capital Management, its second quarter financing amounted to $.

three, you can select multiple Alliance on, although I have so far not met, but the refusal phenomenon does not safe egg in one basket, but also can increase the diversity of advertising, but the site looks more harmonious.

financing capacity mainly invest in IT enterprises, and their investment cycles are usually shorter than those of clean technology and biotechnology industry.

but he added: "it’s not necessarily a bad thing." The reason is that the Vc firm is now more likely to refine its strategy and invest less, and no longer inject capital into firms that blindly imitate existing models and have lower success rates. Heesen believes that this pattern will enable start-up companies into the survival of the fittest environment, only the best companies to obtain funding.

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