The content of entrepreneurship boom, from the media platform to mangzhong Jingzhe penguins outbreak

heard the penguin media platform "million households," on behalf of "brain hole history" operator Jiang Liu had this feeling: "I like this content creators, from the" small Mantis "into a" Mockingbird "which is the God knows how long things, did not expect today, it became really……"

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from March 1st to June 1st, the penguin media platform "mangzhong plan" run for three months, the original 200 million subsidies really have a lot of people have got to

listen to Yang Jie

as the operation of the platform for many years Tencent naturally know, the success of the platform is whether the ecology is healthy, whether prosperity,

yes, I understand his feelings. It’s not easy to do many things. One word and one word can be copied and rewritten……


from the flow channel, distribution channel Penguin media platform can be said as the Tencent internal resources — the wide distribution mechanism of multiple channels, can make the income from the media in the traffic on the maximum of every individual, every kind of style the content can be found in their own readers — even if there is no fans here, as long as have good content.

June 5th, the Dragon Boat Festival is "mangzhong" solar term.

also is so, some high-end content by subscription or reward is unable to continue, the income obtained can not support the team, or unable to face the interviewee stronger a psychological, therefore need more help.

if this figure is true, it really is — Yang Jie’s article in the sit up and take notice of so many platforms, there are few words to implement, most of them are from the media as a free content provider! Three months ago mangzhong just announced, said to give content to support entrepreneurs penny. The content of entrepreneurs, estimates there are many from the media are of one mind, don’t expect too much, after all, so from the media who have heard too much, most of them are small talk, the subsidy is invisible, but also into advertising do not see the slightest trace of a mirage and insubstantial objects……

in the content of this field, the way to earn money is nothing more than two kinds, one is subscription, and one is advertising.

just two days, the young sister saw some figures from March 1st to June 1st, the penguin media platform "mangzhong plan" run for three months, the original 200 million subsidies really have a lot of people have got to, and not block 80 Fen that has over ten thousand monthly income



, but the two ways of doing so depend on quantity – either traffic or subscriptions. The former depends on the middle and lower end readers, the latter on elite readers, and frankly, the former is easier – the Chinese Internet has always earned money for the readers, and the elite have always found free ways.

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