Deep venture, Ma Yun investment sharing bike to be listed, a car, a monthly income of 9 yuanWu Xiaob

As a leading representative of the traditional public bicycle service industry,

but, apart from the label "sharing bikes", Yongan line is a very traditional company. Yongan line was established in 2010, the main business is the public bicycle service, which is a traditional industry which has developed for many years. Many companies have landed on the capital market, such as Jin Tong Technology and green Cheong technology on the new three board. Jin Tong Technology income of about 400 million yuan, net profit of more than ten million yuan, Yongan is one of the main competitors.

from 2014 to 2016, Yongan >

third things, a single product of 100 million grade capacity. Two days ago, someone wrote that the content of the venture market is about 20 billion -300 billion yuan scale. But I don’t think it’s going to be this big.

on Friday evening March 24th,, a shared bike company, submitted its IPO application to the SFC, the first worldwide bike sharing company to hit the IPO.

started in December 2016, and by the end of the reporting period, in December 31st, less than a month’s time, Yongan’s shared bike business contributed 368 thousand yuan of revenue. That is to say, an average bike sharing generates more than 9.2 yuan a month.

realizable more than days. The content itself does not have commercial liquidity. Its earliest liquidity is advertising realized, and when the Internet, especially in the past year after the so-called "knowledge paid" rise, the content of entrepreneurship will shine new possibilities. But this ability to produce products is very strange to some traditional media or people from traditional cultural industries.

many people say that content entrepreneurship has become a new outlet, is a pig can fly up. But you know, when you take the first step, you’re slowly becoming an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur.

During the reporting period, Yongan’s shared bike business costs only $28 thousand, while the corresponding gross margin is as high as 92.27%. However, the reference value of this

an average bike worth 175 yuan, a monthly income of more than 9 yuan

Drucker once said, truly outstanding enterprises tend to be subdued, dull and boring. No business has ever been able to remain excited, and entrepreneurs who have made great companies look sad every day and do something very boring. And many people always want to do things cheerfully, this is not reliable. When you need to continue to deliver content every day in a particularly narrow small class, the structured content of the content is greater than your ability to write and create content.

the four things are getting harder and harder,

Yongan bank, as early as in 2015 had submitted a IPO application, the prospectus did not mention the fiery pile – free sharing of bicycles. After a lapse of more than a year, Yongan line again declared IPO, sharing a bike has become a topic around the past. Although there is no pile sharing bike business, accounting for only 0.05% of Yongan’s revenue, 0.01% of the cost, but occupy a large amount of the prospectus.

In December 2016,

when Wu Xiaobo became a content entrepreneur from a financial writer, he went through the conflict of identity changes. He used three years of entrepreneurial experience to remind entrepreneurs that when you need to use business logic to look at what you love, the risk is particularly great. This article is Wu Xiaobo’s "2017 big head CEO-Club summer private meeting" on the sharing, after the entrepreneur & I dark horse editor.


content entrepreneurship, there are four things, the more difficult it is to go back.

Yongan has made great opportunities and challenges during the period of rapid expansion of shared bicycles. The opportunity is that the shared bicycle infuses the entire bicycle industry, Yongan for the imagination of the future of the hitherto unknown broad; challenge is, whether ofo and other Internet Co Mobell the era of the traditional company pile out

below is excerpts from Wu Xiaobo’s sharing.

content entrepreneurship these three years, I have more than ten years ago to work hard. entrepreneur & I dark horse note: May 2014, Wu Xiaobo channel on-line

Yongan launched a large-scale launch of shared bicycles, and by the end of the year, the total number of vehicles was about 40 thousand. Although the time is short, the quantity is few, the Yongan public disclosed several data still quite may ponder.

Yongan will share the bicycle as fixed assets, by the end of December 2016, the asset value of 6 million 987 thousand and 100 yuan, no depreciation. That is to say, on average, the value of a shared bike is below $175, which is a great gap compared with the purchase cost of more than 300 of the claims shared by bicycle companies.

second things, the content of the product capacity. Just a good article, good video, good audio doesn’t make it realizable. You need to make this into a product. That’s what you call a product.

is very limited. In, the company launched a large pile – free sharing bike in December 2016, while the bikes on that month began to depreciate next month, so there was no mention of the depreciation cost of bicycles.

first thing, you need to have the ability to continue production. It’s not particularly hard to write a 100 thousand +, 1 million + article, but it’s hard to do it every day. When everything becomes routine every day, you will find it very lonely and boring.

many people say that content entrepreneurship has become a new outlet, is a pig can fly up. But you know, when you take the first step, you’re slowly becoming an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur. This professional identity will slowly replace your lover’s identity. And when we need to use business logic to look at what you love, the risks are great.

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