The master of individual stationmaster is very low-key all the time

saw some novice webmaster feel about talk with eloquence experience when I started to laugh, and your mind is the same, a few years after feeling at the time how ignorance, in order to pull the chain blew so much useless water is simply silly to the extreme ~


tree is easy to wind, low-key points can make you go farther away, secretly make money Why not?? I would like to ask those who deliberately promote their website friends you have a monthly income of over 50 thousand? 50 thousand what? Too much, that a standard 10 thousand ordinary white-collar workers should have if? If not, what qualifications do you have to talk about the experience? This money can talk about the reason for what? The truth lies in the hands of a few is no doubt the truth of ~

you are not difficult to do? Each article is written to? Do you have from the most basic knowledge learned some? What is advertising? What is SEO? What is the network marketing concept? These seemingly complex you really know


a man ah, low-key, don’t exchange some "easy for people to make mistakes experience" to other novice, do you want to learn? Just search hot words: legendary or QQ space code, to see the others how to do the optimization, to see people’s daily income, when you feel yourself small you pretty near, but simple? How many novice can calm down and learn to study? Network marketing difficult? You know the weakness of human nature? Don’t know to go take a look at the weaknesses of human nature DELL Carnegie’s book, and then compare the side every little thing you can find some interesting things about ~

advertising ah, a philosophy, the most successful advertising is not advertising when others read your advertisement after feeling deeply remember the advertisement products! Advertising in Chinese, do network marketing in China, learn Shi Yuzhu’s enough, when your users in almost every corner of the possible can when you see your web site does not want to fire possible? How to do? Circulation station or long term operation, ourselves. Don’t do a small word to Baidu before the 3 tail goes up, brother said: you are still very young.

, a senior rookie by ADMIN5 ".

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