The hard work of a web designer

university days, relatively relaxed. At the end of 2003, the use of the 10M space provided by the school and the design of its own personal website through Dreamweaver increased the interest of the website unconsciously. 10M only supports HTML difficult to satisfy my desire to use their own construction, start to the construction site, in the station to find a lot of website program to play, finally addicted to DVBBS, because love movies, so will your own server open FTP function, the hard disk bad burn……

finally mix to the third, 2004, because of a friend, but also because of the love of home, began to help the association of production site, and combined with the annual publication, the use of dynamic network, easy to program, for several weeks building up Chetian feeling website, feel good. Or do you want to build a website of their own, so the root directory on the website of the built up their own personal website, according to the core of some of the procedures concorded released the spring and autumn and winter seasons, hold the graphic management system has original literature, music to listen to it, laugh and map management system of v1.0 system therefore still standing in the webmaster. That period of time, very hard to modify the code, very careful design templates, poured too much effort…… It turned out to be all in vain, but I think at least it added a bit of color to the internet.

is coming to the end of university life, the feeling is not forthcoming, then buy their own web space construction, is the beginning of music station, then they want to do Chinese station, engage in the flow, always go up, some lost. Two websites, two are unsuccessful, halfway. Graduation, and began to work, and began to work up, but the site or to do, but also to do well, this is always the wish. Combined with their actual work, the use of dynamic system easy to start a new website, starting soon, traffic suddenly soared to thousands of IP every day, this time there is a problem, my heart began to want to do more and better website, website, then came to the Olympic theme website forum featuring Vista the website, with Lee Hyolee as the main content of the relevant information. Human energy is limited, and then the four sites are not, and feel very depressed. Thinking for a long time, began to adjust the direction, leaving only’s "ten million why", there are currently more than 300000 high-quality web pages.

for the moment, I feel my site is still a bit of a mess, but I think it has really formed a very good tone. As a webmaster is very hard, in fact, not care about site profit, more care is whether the site has been recognized and loved by users, I think this is the starting point and goal of it.

for so many years, finally realized the relevant knowledge of the site, the site must be specific, focused, concentrate, website first to unique, it must have content, and finally have a good promotion strategy. The most.

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