Cao Guangyun the increase in flow is the key to ensuring that your income increases


is used to end my QQ on the article, so every day there will be a lot of friends to the old Cao will answer questions, with the busy, but if busy, simply talk a few words, I believe when friends will think I’m playing not to chip and their names AC. Actually, I want to share and exchange, because sometimes also get some help from my knowledge of everyone there, for a problem "we often asked you a few stations, now flow how to use this platform to do a" according to the answer for this friend:

site traffic, of course, the more the better,

website traffic is the webmaster care most about promotion, once this way, site traffic is certainly better, if the number of your daily IP can reach more than ten thousand monthly income will do some advertising a lot, but you need to master certain knowledge of Internet marketing and promotion skills, with the help of some platforms and tools, and the unique way of thinking, the monthly ten thousand IP not difficult. In this process, need to continue to learn and adhere to, knowledge is power, web578 birth, that is, for more network promotion friends to provide a learning platform, but insist on looking at their own situation.

website traffic up, income is not necessarily high

when you have mastered certain network marketing skills, believe you will stand with the increase and application of your knowledge, the flow will gradually increase, but this time you need to consider a thing, for now, your traffic increased, but your income is not likely to rise, when you stand every day 1000IP the income you get is not more than 100IP, if only the increase of flow driven by rising no income, it is recommended that friends to go to consider your income, the so-called profit pattern.

traffic increases while revenues increase by

traffic will lead to rising incomes rise, if not driven by rising incomes, you need to consider the profitability of this model is appropriate, or this model in details, click on the ads position will affect your income, online product sales customer service attitude will also affect the income, the content of the old it will affect your income, and so many factors affect the flow of cash. So, friends, in doing promotion, but also need to improve or perfect, so that flow realize every detail, so that when the flow increases, to ensure that the rise in income.

keeps traffic at the same time preventing revenues from decreasing by


yesterday, a friend and I through his voice communication station, for the current income is not very satisfactory, because the lower GG Adsense price, lead to decline exponentially of his income, although there will be a considerable income, but compared with before, he didn’t like it. His station will be around ten thousand per day, IP

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