Pinterest how do you support 70 million users with the initial web architecture



‘s rapid growth in two years has not shaken Pinterest’s original architecture design.

pictures sharing community Pinterest since the on-line, made a lot of changes in the appearance of the site, but has been using the original network code, at the code level and not much change. Pinterest, an engineer at Jon, recently revealed that Pinterest still operates on the initial code base of Jenkins.

"many Internet companies make multiple adjustments to the site architecture in the process of scaling up. Although we have updated the stack architecture to match the size of the company, it has not made any large-scale radical changes, or has been using the original web site."

The "procedural base" referred to by

Jenkins refers to the program that Pinterest runs. With the development of the website, engineers not only update the appearance of the website, but also use new technology to perfect and patch the foundation of the program to ensure its efficient operation. Tumblr is a typical example of this, although there are a few times too thoroughly updated and even affect the normal use of the user and let everyone complained. LinkedIn engineers have spent two months rewriting all of the site’s source code – which, in the eyes of LinkedIn engineers, is a must for maintaining the size of the site. LinkedIn spokesman said, "the website platform for rapid development, we also hope to publish more innovative products, which requires our continuous deployment structure from the site structure evolution function branch development and deployment of software to complex".

, but Pinterest insists on not doing such website architecture improvement, even in the fast growing user group curve before also "apathetic"". Jenkins represents the basic site structure of Pinterest, including the Python web server, the mySQL database, the open source data structure service, the Redis and the Memcache caching system. What Pinterest’s team uses is a conservative rewriting of a particular part of the database. "In other words, what we’re using is’ refurbishing ‘instead of’ replacing’".

from Pinterest on the line at the beginning of the three engineers responsible for web site architecture — Yash Nelapati, Marty Weiner and Ryan Probasco are still working in the original post, the source code of Pinterest also understand.

According to Weiner, Pinterest’s team uses such conservative web architecture, not intentionally designed, but because of practical choices.

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