Adjusting QQ code station positioning P easily break Wan

, the leading tool of IM in China’s Internet, is undoubtedly QQ, and the related keywords naturally have enormous traffic.

started around 2005, and the QQ space station was mushrooming. Although the number of such sites has long been saturated, there are new QQ stations appearing every day. How in this huge cake from


according to my experience, although QQ class website competition is very big, but the unpopular words are also many. As long as you catch these unpopular words, you can also get huge traffic. Do not QQ station is not equal to the word QQ space code, if the intention is to do QQ station do a maximum flow of words, I still do not advise you to read this article, go directly to buy links, the weight of people several years of accumulated, is not you can go beyond such a short duration of time. Run, others Xianpao, you wait 3 minutes to run, you say how much time to catch up? At least 3 minutes to


so the way to do QQ station is to do fine, focus on a certain field, in order to find a breakthrough point. The first choice is the key, select a less competitive keywords, such as the station mainly do QQ consulting words, is to break through the traditional approach, the general QQ station people are staring at the code, to the end of competition we are not what QQ information flow, and this word not what people see. Do not cut, but this kind of word, seemingly not what people search, in fact Many a little make a mickle. 1WIP is easy, we all know that QQ station in long term, not just a waste of the QQ station at least 1000+ of the long tail, then I am he average 10 words to IP, then you 1WIP, not to mention the QQ information of the kind of words are not people do, the keywords plus a coarse, general rank will not be greater than the previous 5. So it’s really easy to do 1WIP, as long as it’s not the garbage collection station.

I have a friend who specializes in complex word class QQ, garbage words (here refers to no one can, everybody is not to do the word), actually also has 10W IP, I saw his statistics to believe, so I thought Q is standing with him the fact is not what skill, is 10 words "big and complete, small and fine focus".

QQ station is another point is that from the user perspective, not only for Baidu, if you stand really help to users, they want to code, the answer to the question, so after they will put your articles link to blog forums, the chain increased inadvertently, in fact, SEO is the most important outside the chain, the chain of Baidu’s natural love, so Baidu will increase the weight of your. Instead, if your station is useless articles, there is nothing outside the chain, and their own manual hair chain and hard, try to group, to the final result is only down right, pull hair or even K station. The more successful the station to QQ station is basically no >

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