Look at the importance of user experience from the Baidu update algorithm in June

started in June, when Baidu’s new algorithm came into effect, a large collection of stations, some garbage stations, and some single page stations were gone. Baidu this algorithm update effect can be seen, the user experience high site ranking is still strong, even even more ranked, the user experience of poor site has been gradually cleared Baidu. It is a fair evaluation and a chance for the webmaster who is careful to do it. So, how do you create a good user experience,


1. site positioning


site positioning must be very clear, established for what groups of services. A site positioning is inaccurate, the user can not get useful information, the site’s PV is very low. Even if the site is exquisite, the same is futile. If the site is only to meet personal needs, there is no user experience at all. Let’s take a look at blogger Lu Songsong’s blog. The site is very accurate — IT blogs that focus on the Internet and online marketing. Open Lu Songsong this blog of people, basically all some webmaster, IT and network marketing people, and will be returned from time to time. Even if the site is K, it will not worry about traffic problems. Of course, this is not just a problem of positioning, but also valuable content. But positioning is the foundation of web development.

2. stable server and fast access speed

people in today’s society are generally impetuous, and a little makes them unhappy. In fact, the web site is the same, stable server to help the stability of the site, but also conducive to search engines included, get more traffic. For example, a website is placed abroad, a web site is located in the country, while our broadband average speed is only about 2M, so that the gap is very easy to reflect. You can feel, open a foreign blog and open a blog in the country, experience it, you can feel it. Therefore, I think the speed of fast access can give visitors a good first impression, which helps to improve the conversion rate.

3. incorporates emotional elements


we often browse Sina, Sohu and other large websites, home information is very large, and the degree of communication with visitors does not necessarily have a very high depth, the user experience is not necessarily good. But for personal blog sites, you can add some personal elements, such as personal photos, personal presentations, and micro-blog embedding. You may as well look at the Sina blog, Sohu blog, and some other blog posts. This can make us feel in communication, not cold look at those words.

4. rich connotation

we often say that a website is "content is king" to win, and to this day, I still think that is correct. In the web site >

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