Optimized diagnosis and analysis of drunk shopping mall website


is the famous Xiamen Fujian intoxicants mall e-commerce site, is also the tea industry do a good website, I have been concerned about, but unfortunately, now intoxicants mall ranking as the previous ranking dropped, also cannot see, here I do for intoxicants mall a simple analysis:


1, website basic information

1. domain name age: 2 years, 10 months,

Domain name: zuipin

2. memory to remember, but the suffix CN, for the website branding (recommendations can be registered zuipin.com domain name, 301 redirect to the zuipin.cn domain name, is conducive to the brand promotion website)

3. domain name for the record:

The analysis of

4. server: Web server function, the quality and quantity of stability and speed and under IP (intoxicants mall site now no Gpiz compression, impact site speed, is not conducive to the user experience, recommended opening Gpiz compression)

5. site PR value: 4

6. site status: site drop right, the home no ranking (should consider when to drop the right, whether the site drop weight reasons have been analyzed and modified)

two, site positioning and website keywords

1. website title, keyword and description, optimization, diagnosis and suggestion

of the original title, keywords and Description: intoxicants Mall – the most professional China authentic, authentic tea, tea online shopping mall: Tieguanyin, Black Tea, Green Tea, DaGongPao, Pu’er Tea, tea – intoxicants mall

optimization diagnosis: title, "drunk shopping mall" appeared 2 times, and the title typesetting is not good, the title is best not to take "the most × ×" words, and other keywords too much, the best can also be modified.

proposed changes: intoxicants Mall – Chinese professional authentic tea, tea: Tieguanyin _ Black Tea _ Green Tea _ _ Pu’er Tea _ Dahongpao tea and other online shopping mall.

best can be changed to: "drunk goods mall" – China’s authentic tea and tea shopping online shopping mall.

three, station optimization analysis

1. site sitemap settings: Web site without sitemap, it is recommended to add XML and HTML format site map, help users browse the web site and search engine crawling, included.

2. web site robots file: there are robots files, it is recommended to add sitemap in the file to allow search engines to crawl links, which is conducive to the site crawling and included.


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