Zhou Hongyi young people do poineering work still need to have firm strength, do not be sentimental

"I’m naturally aggressive and I don’t want to work when I get up in the morning, but when I think about my competitors, I pick myself up."." "If you want to succeed, you must become a sword. The enemy and the setback are the sharpening stones."." "How to define entrepreneurship is very important. Starting a business is not registering a company. When you are a CEO, your girlfriend is CFO, and your classmates are CTO."." Thirteenth Entrepreneurship Forum, Qihoo 360 science and technology limited company chairman Zhou Hongyi word into practice.

, the IT man with free philosophy, also played interactive with the live audience. He asked, "use 360 antivirus software or browser. Raise your hand, please."." Brush, 90% of the people stretched out their arms.

faces the entrepreneurial dream of college students, Zhou Hongyi began to throw a bucket of cold water". "I don’t approve of college graduates starting business." Zhou Hongyi believes that entrepreneurs must have "subversive ideas", and this idea is in the long line of work in order to cultivate out.

Zhou Hongyi defines "subversive thinking" as a systematic subversion of technological innovation, product innovation, and business model innovation rather than a simple or partial improvement. Zhou Hongyi takes himself for example. He said his "subversive idea" was free. From the earliest creation of 3721 networks to provide classified information free search website, to launch 360 free antivirus software. "Free" always runs through it and becomes the core of Zhou Hongyi’s thought". Now, Zhou Hongyi, a venture capitalist, brings free philosophy to its acme. In his own words, "I invest in companies that offer free downloads of American TV for Internet users, free downloads of cool music, and free forums for piscuz."".

an audience asks directly, "how can you get your venture capital?" Zhou Hongyi smiled. "This is the most naked and direct question I’ve ever heard."". Apart from subversive entrepreneurial thinking, you are also willing to share results and share rewards with others, and the overall understanding of the team is also an important area of reference, he said. Young people do poineering work, need to have certain strength, must not be sentimental, with a moment of passion.


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