Most of the food ingredients market history B2B platform, vertical segments of intensive and meticul

with the development of mobile Internet technology, trillions of ingredients procurement market, once again pushed onto the cusp, the wind of the capital and the network of clouds, is floating to this fertile land. Just over a year, food ingredients O2O showed "All flowers bloom together." contention of a hundred schools of thought "Prosperity: national food ingredients supply giant heavily under the mode of continuous investment in heavy, in the state of regional developed city vertical distribution platform intensive and meticulous farming, focused on the advantages of subdivision category; light mode platform similar to UBER; provide food ingredients O2O solution for SAAS service providers…… Let’s check together,


(1), duplicate mode

heavy mode in catering ingredients O2O industry accounted for more than 95%, it is essential to ensure that the core quality control, user experience, do not do heavy, almost impossible. At present, both the national restaurant food delivery giant individual rapid expansion, is more regional despots based on local steady, of course, focus on vertical distribution platform sub category.

1, national platform

a) American dish

beauty dish network launched on June 2014, after a short period of 1 years, has completed nearly 200 million dollars of financing, market development has been deep into the more than 20 first and second tier city, on orders over 10000, daily flow of nearly 10 million, the warehouse area of hundreds of thousands, is recognized as the industry NO.1. Recently, two sets of CCTV just on the depth of coverage, they have basically open areas, docking the upstream supply chain, cut the middleman, a batch and the two batch of circulation, the use of software and hardware technology of scale and intensive operation, indeed in product standards, quality control has made certain achievements, and business process efficiency also raise a lot, brought a lot of benefits for farmers, small and medium-sized restaurant owner, but also some leather practitioners in the industry


, b)

agricultural chain in June this year just completed B $30 million round of financing, led by public comment, with Sequoia Capital Investment, including Sequoia Capital Chain is the agricultural A round of investment, Xianfeng Huaxing and Yao Jinbo chain of agricultural Angel round investors. Chain agriculture CEO Liu sources in the B round of financing, has said it will expand to the country’s 35 major cities, but there is no sign of expansion. But recently in the catering services such as recruitment, financial and other aspects there is not a small move, the future will become a country for tens of millions of small and medium-sized catering to provide recruitment, financial services platform

, let us wait and see!

summary: according to the data of 2014, the annual food procurement of more than 3 trillion, the market is so huge, the birth of one or several similar American SYSCO food supply giant OK in Chinese certainly, at present, the food is likely to reach even more than the size of the. Of course, the trillions of food ingredients procurement market, although the emergence of giants difficult to form a monopoly, but regional food distribution enterprises will no doubt face an unprecedented

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