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news January 21st, domestic movie website time network on-line online shopping channel "time mall on the day before, the main sales of film products.


time mall, home page

mall time line on the first phase of the flagship product of "super hero" series, are from the United States in the movie heroes, including Batman, spider man, iron man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, product types contain limited edition dolls, sculpture, mobile phone shell, mask etc..

because of the time network’s film surrounding products under the "genuine authorized, limited collection" slogan, so the price is not expensive. 18CM high doll prices at 300-600 yuan, 30CM high doll prices at 1000-2000 yuan, 1:1 ratio statue price is as high as 30000-100000. Current brands include HASBRO, MM, video time and Hot Toys.


movie image sculptures priced at tens of thousands of

time mall also opened a "gift giving" channel and "fan" channel, aimed at gift shopping and movie enthusiasts groups, and adopted pre-sale, flash purchase, preferential and other sales model.

it is understood that a few years ago, time network has launched online booking movie tickets, the online mall, will also open up the marketing system of online booking and shopping mall, launched a shopping mall to send movie tickets, movie to send coupons mall and other activities. Time network introduced, January 19th -1 25 will send 30 million coupons and 1 million tickets.

in addition, time mall and time network membership system has also been opened. Time in time through network member login, shopping mall, and a perfect evaluation, sun single data behavior to obtain membership experience, to enjoy the time network membership privileges, including free download larger HD Movie etc..

currently, the time mall supports third platform payment, online banking payment, balance payments three online payment methods. Freight, the purchase of 99 yuan postage; only support returns, do not support exchange.

time network main competitor in the field of film critics Douban has yet to launch a kind business platform, but in September 2013 that launched the electricity supplier shopping guide platform "bean", at the same time, watercress also supports online ordering and online electronic ticket to buy e-books.

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