Trickle down advanced operations fast, low cost user growth strategies

In this paper,

drops travel senior operation Leeson in online content sharing, consolidation of Costa rica.

Leeson | drops travel senior operation

drops travel advanced operations, former best use of second-hand car operators director, former platform network co-founder. Focus on precision marketing, new users. On orders from zero to achieve breakthrough million owners and bus passengers during the ride drops.

I, my operation concept,

now I’ve developed a habit of thinking. When I come into contact with a project, I focus on three modules: first of all, what is the overall goal of this project? Then, how do you control the process in this project? In the end, what is the means to achieve the result? From many projects we have done to today, three sentences are summed up: setting goals, chasing the process, and taking results. It may also be that each person does more than just what you’re looking at, when you focus on a team, and when you’re running a company, you have three basic skills.

will also extend through such a trunk today. First of all, you have to set goals and then teach you how to control the process, and finally what is the result of the judgment. All of these revolve around the "pull new" aspect. Operation, in fact, "pull new", "retained" and "live", today we will talk more about "pull new"". Then, to step further, we speak in the goal setting process, I will talk about the three drive (this is in a time when more to tell): one is data driven, a product is driven, and a driving experience (by some of the data you will find through experience, obviously your conversion rate will increase the channel).

today’s course is "fast, low-cost", in my eyes, is precisely, and today we will share a lot of "precision", "channel conversion rate" in this regard.

1. result goal

let’s start with the goal. When we do our goals, we usually have these dimensions to consider:

1. user volume. Whether pull new users, or to promote live old users, in fact, that is, business volume, that is, you can pull this business to how many users.

2. liveness. That’s what the whole business brings to your users. Some are in the day order, some are in the singular, or the month is singular. In APP, that is, DAU, then the entire user activity index, activity index, which constitutes the overall operation of the target

3. cost. We said we could get the scale, but what about the cost? The cost depends directly on what you get, the size of your boss, or what your investor gives you. Then there is a single cost within the overall cost scale.

2. process index


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